Aotearoa Body Basics Ltd, trading as CommunityWorks, was established in 1995 and is a GST registered, limited liability company.

Services are typically provided on the basis of a monthly retainer.  We also provide services on the basis of agreed project fees with progress payments for contracted deliverables, or agreed hourly or piece rates.  Fees can vary depending on the skills and experience of the person selected as primary contractor and rates are negotiable for longer-term or ongoing contracts.

The usual minimum charge for project work is $500.

The rate for 1:1 coaching, mentoring or supervision is $70 per hour.

To design or facilitate development of plans, policies, fundraising, financial management or operational systems and processes, the rate is $40 per hour.

“Speedy Grants” are simple, one-off grant applications.  Our fee is $199 for the first “Speedy Grant” and $99 for subsequent or repeat applications for the same purpose.  Please note this does not include preparing any plans or collateral which may be required as supporting documentation.

Our fee for administrative support is $25 per hour (membership processing, correspondence, mailouts, website updates, archival projects etc).

CommunityWorks also provides pro bono services for selected organisations.

Fees cited are GST exclusive.

Please contact us by email or freephone to explore options for the most cost-effective way for you to engage CommunityWorks.

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